Shungite Kit -EMF Protectors-Bracelet-Merkabah-Stone & Pendulum

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Shungite Kit -EMF Protectors-Bracelet-Merkabah-Stone & Pendulum

 Shungite  can protects you from negative electro magnetic  waves from computers, cell phones and radiation waves.

 These are  great to hold on the body when in contact with computer phone, Television, and "smart" generated appliances.

 Shungite is also used for accelerated healing since it contain fullerenes that enhance healing in the body.

This is genuine Shungite from Russia- the only place where it is created from earth.

 This Kit includes 4 items:

1 shungite one size fits all bracelet stretches

1 Merkaba geometric shape shungite 

1 Shungite stone
1 shungite Pendulum- to use for asking questions, or checking your chakras or gauging your MIND power_ your thoughts! ( watch Jolie DeMarcos YouTube video called "mind Power with Pendulum!