Kit: Chakra Stones + Singing Bowl + Pendulum

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Kit: Chakra Stones + Singing Bowl + Pendulum

Included in this kit:  A Perfect trio!

  • Set of Raw Chakra Stones
  • Singing Bowl and dowel
  • Pendulum


Chakra Stones: Chakra stones are crystals that create a healing action in your seven chakras, using specific colors and sound vibrations. Chakra stones are particularly helpful to use alongside your meditation practice - I mean, hey, you're already lying down, why not heal your body as well as your mind?!

All of the chakras have specific colors that can be used to heal them, as well as specific sound vibrations.

Singing bowl: The melodic sounds produced by the singing bowls bring about a deep state of relaxation, which is especially helpful for a meditation practice. The harmonies produces by the bells have a deep and direct impact upon your chakras, and are also used to clear negative energy from crystals and pendulums. 

Pendulum: Your energy practice will also be greatly enhanced by use of a pendulum - an energetic tool used for centuries to not only check your chakras, but connect to your higher self. Everything is energy. Pendulums respond to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything around us.