Shungite Merkabah

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Brings in higher consciousness and loving energy with EMF protection of your  home/space. Great to hold for  insightful Meditations $88 size 2 inches

Shungite -  As a Crystal junkie, I call it "The Black Beauty" for Total Protection. Shungite can be used as a water purifier and has anti-aging properties because it contains fullerenes.  It can shield & protect our electric magnetic fields (auras- your body! ) from things like Negative Cell phone waves, computers and  radiation. It allows & enhances a positive well-being. It is said Hospitals in Russia have made healing rooms out of shungite  since the  1900's for speedy recoveries & its healing properties for their patients.

 What is Shungite?   An amazing  healing stone with fullerenes and properties that promote acceleration of healing.

How can it Help you heal? How can it protect you?

 Shungite therapy is an alternative treatment method that is recognized by the official evidence-based medicine. The healing power of this Karelian mineral was discovered several centuries ago. Shungite is known as the “mineral of wellness". .


The shungite is specially for people suffering the backaches, arthritis, joint pains and those in need of EMF protection ( if you work on a computer a lot!). It both releases pain syndrome and helps to get rid of different chronic diseases. Along with protecting your electromagnetic field from negative vibrations from cell phones, computer and smart chip electronics.It helps clear the aura from x-rays, MRI's residue in the electromagnetic field to help you feel clear and  of negative debris.