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ABOUT ME- Jolie:)


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Hi !  I am Jolie DeMarco:)  Let me introduce my self- I'm a  Rockin' International author, professional Psychic & Meditation Master!

 I love to guide you to your highest frequency! 

 We can have some fun, laugh and get psychic!


I authored 8 books, 2 with Llewelyn worldwide publishing ( High Vibe Crystal Healing & How to Meditate with Crystals!- BEST SELLERS), 5 oracle decks and  5 phone apps. I launched the Roku and foxfire TV shows " My Metaphysical Channel". I was also seen on TLC for my gifts of psychic abilities.

(on the  I am Jazz show") .

I am the proprietor of an Enchanted Mindful Healing Center and Retail shop, named My Flora Aura . 

I love to stay busy.. I also do over 800 channeled readings per year!


 Join me for ALL Things Metaphysical
 In travel areas in Florida to teach about Crystals, tools and How to create your happiness.

 MEET ME- Workshops & Seminars in your Area!

I am looking forward to showing all I have learned- I love to Teach & Share!

My Community

I love to work with individuals that want to  elevate their own frequency and also help others in their paths of life on earth. If this is you- Join me!

 I am looking for professionals or up and coming  souls to share their knowledge on my new Tv channel!

-Lets connect!

Jolie Demarco psychic reader

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I stay active in the spiritual community- 

 " We are all souls that Live together"

 keep sharing  to everyone you know

 Please social media any of my info- It is greatly appreciated to share the LIGHT!


You can book an an appointment with  online
A personalized and detailed channeled Reading, enjoy a Crystal class , zoom in for a Soul TalkingTM lesson or amazing meditation.