Psychic Readings

pic-of-jolie-script-for-facebook-copy.jpgLooking for some insight? 

Every so often we all need to get clarification of how we are feeling or what is the best path...Book a Reading with Metaphysical Expert and Professional Psychic Jolie DeMarco. 

Jolie is known  for her ESP(extra-sensatory-perception), Clairvoyant abilities. She does over 1,000 readings per year and has been seen on TLC for her expertise. Jolie channels Archangel Michael, Jolie says she is a conduit of the messages he provides for you. She says;" I am a Messenger of the Light" for him, to help people on their most positive paths in this lifetime.

Jolie is also an International Author of 8 books, 5 oracle decks and 5 Phone apps! You can view her on her YouTube channel or Roku Channel on television " My Metaphysical Channel" to learn "All things Metaphysical"

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