Guided Meditation: Galileo’s Space Odyssey

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The best habit you can create is meditation! 

Guru and Crystal Junkie, Jolie DeMarco, will lead you through a healing journey with her insightful meditations channeled fromArchangel Michael. As  your vibrational frequency heightens your body becomes relaxed and truly brings  peace and inner knowing to you. It is normal to fall asleep or go  deeply “out" - just allow it! This healing state brings about total relaxation of the body & mind. 

I call this peaceful, 29-minute guided meditation the Trippy Moldavite Meteor/spacy fun & out of body experience. This is for someone looking to release from the heart Chakra and escape from the Earthly world for a bit. This one totally feels like a stoned sensation. P.S. Don’t drive after this one - wait an hour!

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