Archangel Michael's 7 Heavenly Guided Meditations

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The best habit you can create is meditation!

Guru and Crystal Junkie, Jolie DeMarco, will lead you through a healing journey with her insightful meditations channeled from Archangel Michael. As  your vibrational frequency heightens, your body becomes relaxed and truly brings peace and inner knowing to you. It is normal to fall asleep or go deeply “out" - 
healing state brings about total relaxation of the body & mind.

Relax and Enjoy, all you have to do is  instantly download them!

Included 7 Guided Meditations:

  • Archangel Michael’s Soul Talking (24 min)
    Release negative patterns and emotional "junk," replacing with positive patterns. Through Soul Talking, you'll release old patterns or unwanted energy that you are holding in the soul’s imprint - allowing you to bring in love, success and balance. Great for the advancement of your soul! 

  • Archangel Michaels Healing Frequency Chakra Alignment (34 min)
    This meditation is great for all levels including newbies! Jolie channels Archangel Michaels Positive frequencies through her voice, of which you receive a Vibrational Healing with this guided Meditation. It Balances all of your energy centers (chakras) and is for de-stressing ,relaxation and path to self-healing.

  • Past/Parallel Life (33 min)
    Travel to an occurrence or place to receive perspective and guidance on your current life's path

  • Indian Drum Journey (21 min)
    Find one of your Souls Purposes on Earth NOW through ancient Indian drums and visualization Journey.

  • Polarity Balance (26 min)
    Get your mind & body in sync! This meditation can assist in physical wellness for one or more body parts you want to self-heal, along with establishing emotional/mental connection to balance with your physical body. This enables your entire being( the whole You) to become harmonic.

  • Galileo’s Space Odyssey (29 min)
    This amazing meditation is an out-of-body experience for some, as you visit the planets and stars. Some say it raised their endorphins to feel “high.”

  • Wilderness Path to Self-Realization (35 min)
    This Nature journey of self will give you clarity on one of  your life purposes and at least one mission of your soul.





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    Posted by Jennifer on Apr 2nd 2017

    All were great, but my favorites were the soul talking, indian drum and space odyssey meditations. Definitely helped me "zen out." Space odyssey is pretty trippy...