High Vibe Healing Mandala DECK

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The amazing High Vibe Healing Mandala Deck!

Get a Self-READING! & Self -healing!

 This is how you can use The  deck:

First, layout all the cards picture faced up- or  shift through all of the cards, choose 3 Cards that Attract you to them-

 don't over think it, Pick 3 cards that are popping their vibrations to you! Flip those 3 cards and read the meaning, this is your self reading:)

 Feel their Healing Vibrations!

 The cards  are used in many Additional  ways:

1. To receive a self- Reading- Insightful messages to help you on a positive path.

 then flip them over and read the messages that were channeled by Angels, Guides and Indians of the Light

2. use them for numerology messages- look up the number you ar wanting to  know the meaning of and the card will give you the message.

3. use them for charging food and water with positive High vibrations that help assist in healing

4. Use them as meditation tools with the hand Mudras , crystals and essences to advance your self or 

5. use them as accelerators for Healing-

You can use the cards chosen- with a client if you are a Healer

These are such some  modalities that harmonize with the use of the cards- Reiki, Hands of light- place the card your client choose under the  massage bed or chair and to use as a healing tool mandala & crystal grid,

 if you are a Crystal healer  place one card  that is chosen by your client, or knowing the meanings you chose on for them and use as a grid under their chair or bed where you are performing your healing.

If you are a  Sound therapist- put them in a sound bowl and amplify the vibes!

ps. Many Healers, psychic, intuitive, and Psychologist use these cards to help them with their clients!

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