The Ultimate High Vibe Master Crystal Healer Stash Kit with 66 Crystals and Gemstones!

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 From the Book High Vibe Crystal Healing- Crystal Frequencies  and Body Layouts that will Rock your World! -- Limited Time ! FREE SHIPPING!

The Ultimate High Vibe Master Crystal Healer Stash Kit with the whole 66 Crystals and Gemstones! Perfect for  your Crystal healing sessions  for self or for performing on others!

This unique 66 crystal kit can be used to follow the step by step instructions for crystal grids, meanings, or healing properties from Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing. If your a Crystal Junkie and you want to manifest positivity in your life then this kit perfect for you! Know a Crystal Junkie? If you do, this is the perfect gift.  All the 33 Crystals included are listed here so you can see the amazing package that is awaiting your doorstep. This kit comes with 1 FREE Sage at no charge, and celebrating the launch of Jolie's new book

Kit includes all 66 Hand picked - Gorgeous crystals and gemstones from  locations across the world. Each unique crystal specimen includes a full description, meaning, and benefits  from  the High Vibes Crystal Healing Book--- You are now the  the ultimate Crystal Junkie and Master Crystal Healer!. Do you have Jolie's book? Add it to the cart, Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing.



Copyright © DeMarco,J. (2019) High Vibes Crystal Healing. Florida: Llewellyn Publishing 

Agate #4 (various colors)  Strength and Stability
Amazonite #5- Balance
Amber #6- Healing 
Amethyst #7 - Relaxes
Angelite #8 - Angel communication
Apache Tears #9 - Eases grief 
Apatite #10- Healing (body form)
Apophyllite #11 - Enhance intuition
Aquamarine #12 - Clear thinking
Aragonite #13- Clears debris off auric field
Auralite 23 #14 - Erase old negative patterns
Azurite #16- Increases psychic ability
Blue Lace Agate #1- Opens Communication
Calcite #17 - Aphrodisiac 
Carnelian #18 - Creativity
Cavansite  #19-  Strengthens source connections
Celestite #20- Promotes awareness
Chalcedony #21 - Helps listen and communicate
Charoite #22- Overcome resistance
Chrysoprase #23 - Encourages truth and patience
Citrine  #24- Positive energy to attract money
Danburite #25 - Stress releaser
Dioptase #26 - Heals matters of the heart
Emerald #27- Enhances Memory 
Epidote #28- Dissolves false images of oneself 
Fluorite #29- Master healer 
garnet -#30  Strong love
Green Aventurine #15 Self Determination
Herkimer Diamond #31 Amplifier of any stone, vivid dreams, remove attachments
Jasper-Ocean #33  positive perception, stress relief, grounding
Moss Agate #2 - True Grounding
Thunder Agate #3 - Shaman Stone
White Howlite #32 Focus
Black Tourmaline #63 Wards off negative energies
Black Obsidian #44  Absorbs and dissolves anger
Green Tourmaline #64 New opportunities
Jasper, Red #34 Courage and willpower
kunzite #35 Intuition and  Clarity 
Kyanite #36 Determination
Lapis Lazuli #37 Healing and stability
Lemurian seeds Quartz #38
Lepidolite #39 Healer of Depression
Malachite #40 Release negative emotions
No longer included *Moldavite #41  Supercharged Meteorite and spiritualism- On Longer included the mine is closed. Repaced with Danburite crystal - it is powerful!
Moonstone #42 Clear thinking and inspiration
Nirvana or Ice Crystal #43 Epiphanies of the future and memories of the past
Opal, Pink #46 Emotionally supportive
Opalite #47 Success, friendship and happiness
Pietersite #48 (out of stock) Perseverance and courage
Pyrite #49 Encourages self worth
Quartz Clear #50  Clarity, focus, intention, amplifier
Rhodochrosite #54 Mindfulness, releases stress, self love
Rose Quartz #51 Unconditional love and protection
Ruby Zoisite #55 Motivator, recovery, creativity
Rutile Quartz #52 Let go of addictions, self-destruction
Salt #56 Cleanse negativity and toxins
Selenite #57 Trusting and open to new ideas and natural stone cleanser
Shungite #58 EMF protector, cleanses aura and your space
Smokey Quartz #53 Healing & helps communication to your angels or source
Snowflake Obsidian #45  Emotional draining protection and can bring past lives/parallel
Sodalite #59 Opens you up for meditations, purifies the aura
sunstone #60 Healing emotional relationship issues, sex, and confidence
Super 7 #61 Rare formation that holds 7 different minerals, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc. 
Tigers Eye #62 Healing, courage, grounding
Turquoise #65 Luck, happiness, attracts friendship, releases shame and guilt
Unakite #66 Balance, emotional stability and transfers negative emotions to positive