Three Crystals that Attract Positive Vibes

Three Crystals that Attract Positive Vibes

Jolie DeMarco on May 17th 2019

Looking for good energy to surround you? Aren't we always? I know I am. Sometimes we can't control the world, but we can get some assistance from Mother Earth. I'm talking about crystal energies!

If you aren't hip on the crystal craze, you need to tune into my stone zone! Hi, I'm Jolie DeMarco known as the Crystal Junkie! I can teach you everything you need to know about crystals and gemstones. Especially how they can help heal, adjust, and balance your energy! I'm talking about your energy, your total well being. This includes your physical body and your energetic body, aka your aura. In science, your aura is your electromagnetic field that surrounds your body approximately 4 feet extended out from your physical body. This is where we can sense and feel energy, such as emotions from other people. Because these emotions are vibrational energy they are not seen.  At first, we may not recognize them to be unbalancing until we feel off. It's kind of like cell phone vibrational waves, not seen but messages are heard. We don't always put 2 and 2 together to realize sometimes we need to clear off debris like negative vibrations from outside sources (other peoples negative emotions). How can we do that? Can we cleanse our Aura? Yes, we can. Simply holding a black crystal called Shungite. Shungite can keep those negative vibes from smacking your aura. This stone keeps you feeling"you", rather than everyone else's negativity. Shungite is from Karelia, Russia. It is used to release radiation and negative frequencies from cell phones and smart chips, which invade our bodies and auras. Shungite protects our home space too! It is used as a purifier of water and energy. It even holds qualities that can slow the human body's aging process. This stone is amazing!


Let's talk about positive vibes! A gorgeous crystal named Auralite 23 is a magnitude of goodness. This stone is the queen of crystals. This baby consist of 23 minerals that complete its' vibrancy to be one of the highest that can bring in positivity. Auralite 23 is mined in Canada and forms gorgeous colors, such as purple and red in its' growth. It helps you heal on levels physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It brings inner guidance and keeps you balanced.

If you are looking for luck, green or yellow Jade is your pick to hold in your pocket or wear as jewelry. It creates positive vibes around you, as the holder. 

I know, you are really searching for love vibes! You want to attract love. I call this a good match relationship. If this is you, and you want this in your life - you can. Ya just might need a little help from a crystal friend. Stack a few Rhodochrosite crystals in your clothes, like your bra or purse. You men out there - stash one or two in your socks. These pink beauties ooze loving energy throughout your aura to attract the same vibes from a mate. There is no perfume on earth that can beat the Rhodochrosite attract love energy! Wanna learn more? Follow me, Jolie DeMarco   Facebook     or Learn more about the top 66 crystals their meanings, benefits, and how they work together in High Vibes Crystal Healing. A new book written by Jolie DeMarco published by Llewellyn Worldwide. HERE