Mommas Crystal Shawl handmade with Blue Lace Agate

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This is a one of a kind items- Made from my MOMMA - she  add the crystal on the backside along your spine where your chakras are...

This specific Shawl is one size fits all
 with  Blue Lace agate - great for mellow , relaxing vibes and creates an  energy that helps your throat chakra and above to be able to communicate smoothly and effortlessly.

  Wear  over you bathing suit, or tank top with Jeans, its super lovely and casual, people will ask you where you got it.. its a conversation  item  along with calming your vibes to be comfortable and loving.
 Hand wash and hang dry- it is great for traveling as you can roll it up and pack it-  the wrinkles are  suppose to be there!  I love MOMMAS shawls, I have about 4 f them!

 If you love this one and want more for gifts, please email me on the contact page, I can send you others to chose from:) 

Thank you for supporting my momma- she Thanks you as well. :)