Jolie's Cosmic Planet & MOON box

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blood-red-moon.jpg Receive Jolie's Amazing Cosmic MOON box!

There are limited- Jolie only makes 44 boxes per month- order yours now!

This is a box kit for Cosmic and Full moon and New Moon enthusiasts!

The Moon cycles are important part of our overall wellness- our bodies cycle with the moons because we as humans are made up of approx 85% water, this means that our physical  bodies  are influenced by the cosmic events.

Our human energy if effected by the frequencies of the moon cycles and planets.

 Jolie's Cosmic MOON boxes are specific for that months planet and moon cycles- and you will receive an explanation and direction on small ways to enhance your life for that month.

 Your Moon box is totally unique and different , filled with crystal gifts, their usages and other goodies that you will love to explore!

This is a one time payment, if you like you can be added to our re-occurring once you try your first box- you will receive a special invitation to subscribe+PLUS be a part of our exclusive moon parties and events!