Pink / Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Quartz, Rose / Pink bracelet

Key: Love and self acceptance

Chakras: 7th crown, 6th 3rd eye, 5th throat, 4th heart, 3rd solar plexus, and 2nd sacral

Rose quartz ranges from dark to light pink; it's called both rose quartz and pink quartz. It is used to enhance unconditional love and protection. This is a well known crystal. It is universal in projecting positive energy and great for a housewarming gift. Holding one fortifies or deepens existing love. It is perfect for self acceptance and creating peace and love for self and others. It encourages strength, hope, and positive relationships. It is a perfect stone to give to your mother or to hold if you are one; it helps you with patience and compassion. 

*** size is pictured compared to a dime, size varies due to the cut and structure of the stone. 

Crystal #51, page 81, of Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing