Lemurian Seed Crystal

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Lemurian Seeds

(These are strong to the core formations of light)

Chakras - 7th crown and 6th third eye

 Lemurian Seeds are preprogrammed crystals that can be clear or orange. They are of the quartz family, but I like to categorize them separately. You will notice they have slight grooves and markings as if they have been chiseled in some areas. These groove marks are natural for their formation. The grooves are also called "records" that have been embedded within the crystals. In Crystal Junkie language we call the grooves "record keepers" of knowledge. They are known to allow you to retrieve information from ancient Lumeria. If you are not familiar with Lemuria, Let me introduce you to ancient to a myth of ancient healing legacy. The Lemurians were light beings, and they still exist in other diensions. They have a strong desire to help all people. We can all learn with their self healing techniques, mainly utilizing Lemurian Seeds. Lemurian Seeds allow us to solve problems in our current life. Learn so much more about the Lemurians, and 65 other crystals by reading Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing. Copyright © DeMarco,J. (2019) High Vibes Crystal Healing. Florida: Llewellyn Publishing

Stone is carefully chosen, spiritually cleansed and packaged with an abundance of gratitude and high vibe positive energy. 

*** size is pictured compared to a quarter, size varies due to the cut and structure of the stone. 

Crystal #38, page 72, of Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing