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chakras - 7th crown, 6th third eye, 4th heart, 3rd solar plexus, and 2nd sacral

Charoite is a fantastic purple stone. When I first laid eyes on this wonder of creation. I couldn't believe that nature had made such a gorgeous formation. Charoite helps one cope with profound changes in life and overcome resistance; it brings quiet refreshing energies, facilitates decision making, and calms the nerves and heart. This is a good stone for relieving cramps. Additionally, Charoite can ward off negative dreams and give protection in all realms of existence to the holder. Copyright © DeMarco,J. (2019) High Vibes Crystal Healing. Florida: Llewellyn Publishing

Stone is carefully chosen, spiritually cleansed and packaged with an abundance of gratitude and high vibe positive energy. 

 Crystal #22, page 62, of Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing  

***Size is larger than a quarter, (as pictured) varies due to the cut and structure of the stone.