Apophyllite Crystal Chakra Necklace

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Chakra Apophyllite Crystal Necklace

 Crystal Quartz Key: Strength and Stability

  This Chakra Apophyllite Crystal Necklace with 8 different crystals with a pointed crystal Apophyllite. Apophyllites are actually naturally formed crystal pyramids. Apophyllite is a very bright, light crystal that promotes reflection; it is great for grids, energy work, and meditation. Apophyllites magnify and focus energy through the apex of the pyramid shape and can enhance intuition. It's a wonderful crystal for the third eye and crown chakra by virtue if its bright clarity formed naturally into a pyramid shape, exemplifying the high spiritual vibration of sacred geometry. It can connect one to the higher planes, bringing new wisdom through the subconscious. Apophyllites are in the quartz family which makes them amplifiers of goodness. Apophyllites crystals can help one increase intuition, connect with guides, and practice remote viewing. 

Beautiful crystal chips for each chakra which keeps yourself cleared, protected, empowered, balanced, encouraged, and improved love and compassion. This crystal Apophyllite necklace is unique with mother earth's own design. The crystals lay perfectly around a rope necklace with a lobster claw clasp. 

 Crystal #11, page 55, of Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing  

*** size is pictured compared to a dime, size varies due to the cut and structure of the stone.

This necklace is chosen, spiritually cleansed and packaged with an abundance of gratitude and high vibe positive energy.