Moldavite-​What You Need to Know About Moldavite Crystals!

Jun 7th 2021

What Ya Need to Know About Moldavite Crystals

Moldavite crystals are all the rage right now. There's a good reason for that! Moldavite is a tektite, and it carries with it a powerful vibration and energy. While the origins are somewhat of a mystery, one thing that everyone can agree on is that Moldavite came to be when a meteorite impacted the earth some 15 million years ago. This impact happened in one area of the world only, what is now known as the Czech Republic. Unfortunely, the mine is almost out, and has closed this year of 2021. There is only so much, and that is why you will see a drastic increase in price of the real genuine Moldavite for sale.

Understanding the Energy of Moldavite Crystals

Moldavite stones are known for their intensity. You may have heard of the term “Moldavite flush”, which is a phenomenon many experience when first coming into contact with this stone. It is a stone of great transformation, spiritual awakening, and amplification. For some, the energy of a moldavite stone can be overbearing, but this certainly doesn’t mean you can’t use it. If you find that your moldavite makes you feel unsettled or anxious, simply ease it into your routine instead of jumping in with both feet right off the bat! For others, moldavite comes into your life at just the right time for all the right reasons.

Some of the top benefits of moldavite include:

  • Moldavite is a strong protection tektite. Wearing or carrying a moldavite will help to protect you from negative energies and people.
  • Moldavite can bring  positive transformation in your life. If you are going through or need to go through a change, moldavite will help to facilitate that. It is known for speeding up the process, so make sure you are ready!
  • Moldavite guides its owner through spiritual transformation. Looking to connect to a higher power? This crystal is known for opening up channels to help your spirit be connected to the divine.
  • Moldavite is powerful in meditation. Many people have experienced journeys to different realms and deeper meditation when working with this stone.
  • Moldavite can help you to energetically heal on several levels. If you are working through depression, PTSD, or just a case of the blues, Moldavite can help to clear that away and make room for positive thinking and action.

Moldavite tektite crystals can impact your life in positive ways. Depending on how you acclimate to this crystal, you may be able to wear one daily right off of the bat, or you may need to ease your way into it. Your intuition and physical and spiritual reaction to the stone will guide you.

Buying the Right Moldavite Crystal-ts deep greenish color and imperfections is its natural.
remember you can buy a jewerly grade polished modlavite, commone in expensive jewerely.

The energy of moldavite is so strong that you do not need a huge piece to feel this tektite remarkable impact on your life. A small pendant is all you need. Moldavite is increasingly rare, as it is found in only one part of the world. Unfortunately, as a result, a lot of fake moldavite exists in the market. Make sure that you get your moldavite from a reputable store to avoid getting duped! Moldavite is increasing in value, so the price tag can be higher than other crystals. Trust us when we say, the benefit of moldavite in your life will be worth it!

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