Crystal Facts

Crystals as Modern Day Vitamins

Many many moons ago, back in BC era, humans used crystals and gemstones for healing.

Ancient scriptures spoke highly of purity and the earth. At that time, “earth“ was a source of clean healing. Back in those days, using herbal essences and flowers along with the healing properties that were found from earth, including rocks and minerals. Rocks and minerals contained elements that are healing to humans, with many specimens of rock and sediment contained iron, manganese, calcium, silica, etc.

This is one reason why our bodies connect energetically with certain crystals. When our bodies are in need of adaptation or healing, our bodies can connect with those properties within the crystals and gemstones. So yes, crystal and gemstones are essentially to modern day vitamins to our body. 

And it makes sense when you think about it. Medicines and vitamins originally derived from elements and minerals. In today’s world, large conglomerate companies sometimes add chemicals and unknown substances that are not natural to our bodies - which can actually cause worse outcomes. In you believe in a natural way of life, stick to the natural alternatives when you can.

Stay tuned for my new book, “Crystal Junkie-Stoned! ,” where I share crystal grids and layouts to help you release, advance or heal yourself with the vibrational energy of crystals and gemstones! Because crystals and gemstones mix with your human vibes/ frequencies (your aura aka.EMF), the proper combination of  gems & crystals  can help you  “adjust” to wellness.