Everything You Need to Know About the Seven Chakras Part 3 of 8 Series: The Sacral Chakra

Everything You Need to Know About the Seven Chakras Part 3 of 8 Series: The Sacral Chakra

Posted by Jolie DeMarco on Apr 9th 2018

Let's talk about the second chakra called the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana). We will learn where it is located on the body, what happens to us whenever it becomes blocked, and what happens when it is working properly. We will also look at the best healing stones and essential oils to use with this chakra. 

As you can see in the picture, the sacral chakra is symbolized by a lotus with six petals and corresponds with the color orange. It is considered to be the center of pleasure, enjoyment, and creativity. This chakra represents the very center of YOU. Located right above the root chakra, it's usually referred to as being around 4 fingers above the genitalia. The gonads, prostate, reproductive system, spleen and bladder are all linked to this chakra.

Key issues that may arise whenever the second chakra becomes blocked involve relationships, emotional needs, pleasure. They can bring on trust and attachment issues. Sometimes a person can become completely disconnected and cold toward others. On the down side, it may include: violence and addiction. Physically this governs reproduction. Mentally it governs creativity. Emotionally it governs joy and spiritually it governs enthusiasm.

Having the sacral chakra opens can make a person feel open to the world around them. They will feel like they have more energy, compassion, emotional stability and a zest for life. 

The healing stones for the sacral chakra are:  Garnet, Moonstone, Orange Calcite

The essential oils that are best used with the second chakra are: 

Jasmine, patchouli, bergamot and sandalwood

Thanks again for tuning in and reading this blog. Coming up next is the third chakra, Solar Plexus.