7 Essential oils box-kit

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7 essential oils kit!  Save $44 ! 
All you need to  Meditate, Release, Manifest, Heal, Balance and Advance. Directions included.

7 Majical Pure Essential oils kit!  only $111 for all SEVEN. You save $44!
 Amazing aromas- Essential Box-kit!

 All you need to Create, Manifest, Meditate, Clear, Release, Heal and Advance!


10 Ml of each in a glass bottle for you to enjoy the beautiful scents of the world!

Each Kit includes 7 oils:   BTW they are  wrapped carefully and beautifully packaged with loving energy.

1 (10ml) pure Peppermint oil

1 (10ml)  pure Frankincense oil

1 (10ml)  pure Lemongrass oil

1 (10ml)  pure Lavender oil

1 (10ml)  pure Rosemary oil

1 (10ml)  pure Sage oil

1 (10ml)  pure Geranium oil