Channeled Reading with Jolie via Email 6 questions

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Jolie email reading
Jolie DeMarco- psychic intuitive

Need to know? Just ASK…

 Have a Remote Angel Reading via Email- Most popular! with Jolie DeMarco who channels Archangel Michael for you!

This option is for those who don’t live locally. Jolie will contact the “Guides of the light” (“The Spirit Guides from the Light, The Divine Ones, Zora the Divine Healer from the Light & Archangel Michael”) for your answers and Channel messages. Jolie does this through auto writing combined with channeling and her clairvoyant abilities. She will send you an email of the information, messages & guidance she has received specifically for you.

1. Once you have paid online, Jolie will receive notice; then she will email you from crystal junkie email , so PLEASE check in your spam mail Box for her email asking your your 6 questions.

2.When Jolie receives your email of 6 Questions, and your permission stating ; " I allow Jolie to perform a channeled reading for me,"   Jolie will email you back with the 6 channeled messages PLUS any insight from your guides and Angels!

Please write your full name( all the names you have ever had, maiden, middle  and if married name) it makes your reading accurate, also include your permission for Jolie to ask the Spirit Guides (named above) & Your Guides from the Light to do this session. You will  receive your channeled messages within 2 days . Jolie sometimes will get back to you quicker however, she has many readings daily and does them in the order received.

It is a wonderful experience to connect with your guides and Angels, they Love to help you receive positive insight  for your greatest and highest good.

" I look forward to channeling for you - It is my pleasure to connect  for you- I love sharing the gift  Source has allowed me. I am grateful to do so, for you. "

~ Jolie DeMarco