Trio of Oils Pure Grade"A" Lavender, Sage , Peppermint

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Trio Of Oils Pure Grade "A"  Lavender , Sage and peppermint 10 ML each Pure

 Lavender is great for relaxing your mind and body- antiseptic and antibacterial- the aroma is perfect for any space and or meditation

Peppermint is best known  for reliving headaches or  for rubbing with a carrier oil to reduce muscle soreness.  TRY this recipe!! combine lavender and peppermint with distilled water and make your own Releasing stress spray! 

 Sage is antiseptic and great for warding off bad vibes and energy in your home, office, space and place!  Remember these are pure oils, you can create your won sprays and  body tinctures adding distilled water and  carrier oils!