Distance Healing Crystal & Reiki with Messages By Jolie

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Distance Healing Crystal & Reiki  with Messages By Jolie

Distance Reiki and Crystal Healing  with  intuitive Messages
includes a full chakra report emailed to you and any extras you choose below.

 All sessions are with Jolie DeMarco- Master Reiki and Crystal healer, psychic intuitive.

First let me answer some of you questions:

How Does it work?
This is a distance healing over space and time, frequencies that reach your aura and energy body to adjust, release, balance and advance one’s energy and vitality levels. Permission is a must. You will need to send a form back via email for  Jolie Demarco to perform this service on you or a loved one. A simple online request  of service and permission for the energy service.

What can Happen with a energy healing session? 
Energy healing is profound and can cause emotional changes  as it  adjusts your frequencies within your body to balance, releases and enhance your energy fields and chakras. You will receive a full report of any findings that may help you on your journey of change for advancement.
You do not have to be unwell to receive a distance healing, many people enjoy this receive simply to lower stress, fortify the immune system and advance with their new goals in life. Many feel a positive loving energy and and a shift in themselves and their thoughts.

Your options and extras such as  receiving channeled messages along with your full chakra chart and healing session.  Once payment is made Jolie will contact you via email contact you gave in the payment portion. Then you and Jolie will decide the best time and day for your healing:) and  your follow up email.