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Danburite ( this is a close up picture your size is 1/4 of an inch)

 This magical baby is a powerhouse of immerse energy that says "I'm letting go! No ifs. No excuses." Any negativity your holding onto will be gone. I'm gonna tell ya frankly that this one is no easy glide if you are ridding yourself of something harsh. It sure is a hardworking crystal for us humans. If you got - excuse my language - crap, it will be released! Danburite releases and brings you to a higher vibe of self-awareness and blunt understanding of your raw, true self and your higher self. Your angels will feel the vibes of your Danburite stone and come to your rescue by guiding the junk out of your entire being of existence; you'll release negativity from your past, present, and future! Good riddance! Danburite is an incredible stone. It looks like a quartz with a flat angled tip. There is no other stone it can be mistaken for because of that feature. Very distinctive. Danburite is great for stress relief and connecting to other realms through channeling or telepathic communication. Copyright © DeMarco,J. (2019) High Vibes Crystal Healing. Florida: Llewellyn Publishing

Stone is carefully chosen, spiritually cleansed and packaged with an abundance of gratitude and high vibe positive energy. 

 Crystal #25, page 64, of Jolie DeMarco's book High Vibes Crystal Healing  by Llewellyn Publishing  

***Size varies due to the cut and structure of the stone.