12-Month Subscription: Crystal Layout + Meditation Kit

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12-Month Subscription: Crystal Layout + Meditation Kit

BEST KIT VALUE!     You will LOVE getting your package each month!


 You will be billed $111 monthly for your kit, and can cancel after the 12th month. If you choose the subscribe button.

Each amazing monthly crystal & meditation kit includes: 

  • A Healing Combination of crystals & gemstones (typically 8-12, depending on the month's focus area)
  • Guided Recorded Meditation by Crystal Junkie, Jolie DeMarco ( instant mp3 download)
  • Detailed placement of  your Crystal layout session with specific instruction
  • Mantra - to start high  your  high frequency session
  • A visual Color activator to enhance your epic session
  • Essential oil to enhance your senses

The best habit you can create is meditation! Each month, Crystal Junkie, Jolie DeMarco, will lead you through a healing journey with her peaceful meditations channeled from Archangel Michael. Your meditation will be bolstered by her healing crystal layouts, which are selected each month to reflect a new topic and are perfectly in tune with the monthly meditation. You'll experience total relaxation of the body & mind.  

As a bonus, your 12-Month subscription includes:

  • EXCLUSIVE metal Tibetan singing bowl to clear & cleanse your crystals and space ($48 value)
  • EXCLUSIVE set of chakra stones ($33 value) 
  • EXCLUSIVE Orgonite power pendulum to chart & gauge your chakras  ($33 value)