Guided Meditation: Chakra Healing & Alignment

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Guided Meditation: Chakra Healing & Alignment

The best habit you can create is meditation! Let Crystal Junkie Jolie DeMarco lead you through a healing journey with her peaceful meditations channelled from Archangel Michael. It is normal to fall asleep or deeply “out” - just allow it! This healing state brings about total relaxation of the body & mind. 


This 34-minute meditation is great for all levels of meditators, including newbies!  Archangel Micheal channels his  positive healing frequencies through Jolie's voice to instill a vibrational healing as you follow the relaxing mediation & beautiful visualizations. Jolie & Archangel Michael will help you balance all of your energy centers for general healing, de-stressing,relaxation and feeling unconditional love.

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